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As you watch Elizabeth through a glass window near the beginning of the game, she briefly opens a tear to Paris, France. The movie theater to the right is playing La Revanche du Jedi, which is French for Revenge of the Jedi, the original title for Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

Bioshock: Infinite Easter Egg

In Modern Warfare 2 on the multiplayer map “Estate” if you go in the big house on top of the hill there is a T.V. inside and next to it there is a gaming console named “Game Station.” If you look next to that you will see a pile of games, one of which says “Italian Plumber Princess Rescue,” this is obviously reference to the Super Mario franchise.

Unfortunately we could not get a picture, but this is Easter egg is all over Youtube so you can search it up there.

In Far Cry 3, on the eastern shore on about the X:803 and Y:656 coordinance. after you liberate Nat’s Repair,just go down south on the beach till you find a boat with a dead pirate lying on the side of it then go in the water and you should see a pirate lying over a toilet whose literally “sea sick”.


In Call Of Duty: W.A.W., on the mission “Little Resistance”. after you call in airstrike walk over to the beach and you should see for craters, go to the one on the far right and jump in it. Then walk to the two on the left on jump in those, Finally jump in the biggest on, face the tree line and wait. After a couple seconds some statues will pop up with ray guns in their mouths, go up to them grab one and have fun. If you run out of ammo go back and get some more.